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Photo gallery Daily life in Bourke, NSW The latest crime figures, compiled and ranked by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research on local government areas, show the town of has the highest assault rate in the state, along with break-ins and car thefts. When compared with United Nations data, the crime rate of the Darling River town makes it more dangerous per capita than any country in the world. Related Articles Crying out for a new beginning The bureau’s director, Don Weatherburn, said the crime problem in Bourke, as well as in other regional areas with a high Aboriginal population such as Moree Plains and Cobar, was the forgotten law and order issue in the state. Dr Weatherburn said a ”full-hearted attack” on drug and alcohol abuse in these towns was needed and should involve police and the health and community services departments. Advertisement ”It’s a tragedy on all fronts,” Dr Weatherburn said. They don’t think about north-west and western NSW.

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The landscape of relationships in America has shifted dramatically in recent decades. From cohabitation to same-sex marriage to interracial and interethnic marriage, here are eight facts about love and marriage in the United States. However, being a good financial provider was seen as particularly important for men to be a good husband or partner, according to a survey by the Center.

Jul 18,  · The UK Labour party on Wednesday pledged to “take action” against a Jewish MP who called party leader Jeremy Corbyn an “anti-Semite and a racist.”.

The top itself is such a statement piece, so I styled it with more subtle pieces. This trend is so fun and is a great way to turn an average outfit into a trendy one! I love how this asymmetrical trend adds depth to my silhouette. I love gauzy cotton and when I saw this I just had to have it. The trend is easy to wear and perfect for the summer months, and also translates from day to night easily. What I like most about this trend is that it works well on my body type I’m almost 5″10′!

This black skirt from Urban Outfitters is my favorite because I can pair lots of different things with it. It can be worn both formally and casually so I can get a lot of use out of it, which is especially great for people on a budget! Not only that, but it can be worn all season long, even in the cold winters in Canada.

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April 8, What do you call a certain kind of a white sleeveless shirt? You know the one. Some may just refer to it as a white tank top, synonymous with an undershirt. For many others, it’s a “wife-beater. And for some reason this is offensive to nobody. So why do we still call it that?

Shark Tank is an American reality television series produced by Mark Burnett. The show features a panel of potential venture capital investors, called “sharks”, that considers offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for their business or product. A one-hour pitch by the entrepreneur is edited down to “a dramatic minute segment” for the episode.

The former wrestler was linked to the acclaimed screen star – who recently split from beau Graham Nation – on Sunday but has vehemently denied any contact with Sheridan Smith Pictured above Pin-up: He revealed he’s happily romancing stunning fetish model Romanie Smith, 22 Honest: Stuart turned to wrestling in after he quit a career in professional football – although he has since left the ring and is now a goalkeeper for non-league Altrincham FC.

In another cosy photo of the pair infront of the London Eye in October, the beautiful blonde pin-up paid tribute to her other half. So happy boyfriend day to my darling stutomo Claps for Stuart for being awesome. Sharing an abundance of snaps on both their social media, Stuart’s love Romanie – who he has been seeing for a year – gushed about her beau just nine days ago as they celebrated her birthday Gushing: In another cosy photo of the pair, the beautiful blonde pin-up paid tribute to her other half Reports: The furore comes after The Sun reported that Sheridan had been secretly dating the heavily-tattooed sports star The furore comes after The Sun reported that Sheridan had been secretly dating the heavily-tattooed sports star.

A source close to him said: Sheridan likes guys who have muscles and tattoos, so Stuart is her type. In an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show last month, Sheridan teased that she was dating. In an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show last month, Sheridan teased that she was dating When asked if she had any romance in her life, she answered: Sheridan pulled out performing in the West End production Funny Girl in December following the devastating death of her father, Colin, from cancer and she recalled:

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For years we regularly produced original photography for our readers with a new Featured Model and Girl Next Door , along with more original photos in our Glamour Girls channel and new looks at some of our favorite models in our Blast from the Past section. We photographed profressional models along with real girls who just modeled for fun or for some extra funds while going to college or working on their career.

We also created special pages of our original photography in our Gallery and Favorites sections devoted to some of our favorite photos and models.

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Share this article Share If they adjust to ambient levels’ the tank effectively disappears from heat imaging sensors normally used to spot vehicles on the battlefield. By adjusting the sensors, the vehicle can even be disguised as a car. The 7m long tank has a crew of three, and is expected to take to the battlefield in The tank’s turret is controlled from within the tank, and is decked out with sensors allowing it to ‘see’ in any direction The tank can also blend into the background.

It does this by processing what small infrared sensors mounted around the tank detect, and then displays a pattern on the tank’s honeycomb-like covering that best matches the infrared data collected, masking it completely. The wafers can also be manipulated in temperature.

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I meet a fine Lady, too late in my life Can play an ugly part To entice and excite my loins Dr. Beh is going away bbbb Ne’er to lie another day was just a bore and a whore music is healing nothing but a big fat snore purple adult spots dance across the ceiling The tip of my tounge is not sharp, But it is split into to two.

Or is this world much too sublime? I am no longer in my prime, Just like a soda and lime I’m never going to take a leak again chocolate because my eye is gouged with a pen fanny pack wet drink fifty times longer than she was corduroy rumbledethumbs who in the world do you think? Dont you love our humanities class?

Feb 13,  · The landscape of relationships in America has shifted dramatically in recent decades. From cohabitation to same-sex marriage to interracial and interethnic marriage, here are eight facts about love and marriage in the United States.

More sophisticated tops are spun by holding the axis firmly while pulling a string or twisting a stick or pushing an auger. In the kinds with an auger, an internal weight rotates, producing an overall circular motion. Some tops can be thrown, while firmly grasping a string that had been tightly wound around the stem, and the centrifugal force generated by the unwinding motion of the string will set them spinning upon touching ground.

The top is one of the oldest recognizable toys found on archaeological sites. Spinning tops originated independently in cultures all over the world. Some role-playing games use tops to augment dice in generating randomized results; it is in this case referred to as a spinner. Gould mentions maple seeds , celts leading to rattlebacks , the fire-drill , the spindle whorl , and the potter’s wheel as possible predecessors to the top, which he assumes was invented or discovered multiple times in multiple places.

Typically the top will at first wobble until the shape of the tip and its interaction with the surface force it upright; contrary to what is sometimes assumed, longstanding scientific studies and easy experimentations reproducible by anyone show that less friction increases the time before the upright position is reached unless the top is so unbalanced that it falls before reaching it. In the “sleep” period, and only in it, provided it is ever reached, less friction means longer “sleep” time whence the common error that less friction implies longer global spinning time There have been many developments within the technology of the top.

Bearing tops, with a tip made of a small hard ceramic, tungsten carbide or even ruby ball sometimes wrongly believed to spin with respect to the body of the top , have been one of the biggest changes.

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Reinhardt Reinhardt is an old soul looking to make his impact on the world. His interest include business, robotics, engineering, fitness, swimming, and more. Lots of women bashing. Some of these countries include Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, etc. For this article, I will speak only about Japan; having been there myself.

A bikini is typically a women’s simple two-piece swimsuit featuring two triangles of fabric on top, similar to a bra and covering the woman’s breasts, and two triangles of fabric on the bottom, the front covering the pelvis but exposing the navel, and the back covering the buttocks. The size of the top and bottom can vary from full coverage of the breasts, pelvis, and buttocks, to very skimpy.

Off-The-Shoulder Stock up on vintage-inspired graphic tees just in time for the spring and summer months and you’ll have your warm weather wardrobe down. Pair a distressed biker tee or a rocker-inspired band T-shirt with your favorite high-waisted shorts or ripped boyfriend jeans, then slip on your favorite oversized sunnies for that model-off-duty look. GoJane also carries some seriously sexy graphic tees featuring deep, plunging necklines and cut-out details that show a bit more skin than the traditional T-shirt.

Check out our oversized tees with graphic designs on the front and the bodice slashed out, creating a choker-style effect with the collar. We also carry graphic tees with lace-up panels, straps across the bodice and silver grommets to add some flair to your favorite old T-shirt. For the fashion-forward girl who’s always lusting after Instagram accounts and fashion blogs, GoJane also carries graphic tees in styles just like the ones worn by your favorite celebs.

Long-sleeved graphic tees with gothic lettering look great over high-waisted bike shorts and a fitted black baseball cap, while T-shirts with fun phrases like “Girl Gang” let you wear your heart on your sleeve – literally! Snag them all before summer starts and get ready to pose for the perfect photo op.


Australia When it comes to presenting yourself online — such as your profile pic for Facebook or even Tinder — which type of photo do you chose? The selfie you’ve taken after careful consideration of lighting, hair and maybe make-up? No doubt, you look great! Or the group photo with friends, possibly less styled, but that captures a moment among peers? It might come as a surprise that it’s the group photo will make you look more attractive — it’s a phenomenon known as the “cheerleader effect”.

Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

You have to trust each other percent and be open with each other about everything. Imagine the level of trust you need to be able to tell your partner, “I’m really attracted to this person, and I’d like to have sex with them” As an example of that communication and trust, here’s a story one couple we met early on shared with us: A massage parlor opened up near his work, and he had a sneaking suspicion it was one of those sketchy ones.

He told her about it, so she laughed and replied, “Yeah, you go and check it out. Let me know how that goes. It did, in fact, turn out to be one of those massage parlors where you don’t get just a massage. He opted for the “happy ending,” but as he explained, it was by far the most mechanical, uncomfortable experience his penis had ever endured. He likened it to being in the grip of a jackhammer. But here’s the best part: She thought it was hilarious, and they both still laugh about it to this day.

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In Pompeii , depictions of Venus wearing a bikini were discovered in the Casa della Venere, [31] [32] [33] in the tablinum of the House of Julia Felix , [34] and in an atrium garden of Via Dell’Abbondanza. The bathing gown of the 18th century was a loose ankle-length full-sleeve chemise -type gown made of wool or flannel that retained coverage and modesty. Inspired by the introduction of females into Olympic swimming he designed a close-fitting costume with shorts for the bottom and short sleeves for the top.

Rayon was used in the s in the manufacture of tight-fitting swimsuits, [39] but its durability, especially when wet, proved problematic.

Mar 02,  · In , scientific evidence of the cheerleader effect was published in a paper where across five studies, both males and females were rated more attractive when presented as .

Beth Gillette Feature Image By: These apps have entirely changed the way our society views dating and relationships. Being a plus size woman, however, there come even more challenges than the usual. Since the start of my dating app days, I have learned a lot about how to navigate these apps in a way that is empowering and builds my confidence rather than doing the opposite.

I can recall meeting a guy from Tinder in real life and him completely rejecting me because he thought I looked different in my pictures. After that, I was terrified to meet up with anyone, changed all my pictures, and basically stopped opening the app. Rather than getting down on myself, I really should have remembered that it was his fault for wanting to tear me down like that.

Unmatch Anyone Who Shames Your Body Aside from the internal criticism, it is incredibly common for men on these sites to comment on how I look. Sure, it hurts to see something like that regardless of how much self-love and acceptance you have, but it acts as a reminder that you are the boss of your own life and matches! Pay Attention to the Signs of Fetishization There is a big difference between someone desiring your body and loving you for your perceived flaws and them fetishizing your weight.

If a match constantly makes comments about your size, asks about specific numbers in regards to your weight, encourages you to eat more or gain weight in an unhealthy way, or refers to you in common fetishizing words, that probably means he or she is a hard no. It is important for someone to be attracted to who you are rather than being obsessed with a specific trait about you.

Understanding that these are two different things has stopped me from potentially harmful relationships many times.

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You know the one. Some may just refer to it as a white tank top, synonymous with an undershirt. For many others, it’s a “wife-beater. And for some reason this is offensive to nobody. So why do we still call it that? Way back in the medieval era , when knights and lords and queens ruled the European land, there was such a thing as a ” waif beater.

Jul 29,  · The hottest game on Steam right now is a dad-dating simulator called Dream Daddy.I haven’t played it yet, because honestly I’ve never much cared for dating sims, and one about hot dads dating.

The pilot claimed that the propellors switched to reverse thrust on take-off, but he was not believed. Later another Peacemaker had a propellor on each wing switch to reverse thrust on approach to landing at Carswell AFB, which corroborated the story of the pilot whose B had ended up in Lake Worth. The accident was covered by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Rumor has it that the wreckage is still there.

Even if the majority of the wreck was recovered by the Air Force, one of the tenets of wreck-chasing is that there is always something left after the recovery operation. This might be an opportunity for a little underwater wreck-chasing. B B , British Columbia, Canada, February 13, On February 13, , the crew of B B, serial was forced to abandon the Peacemaker in icing conditions after flame was seen coming from three engines, which were then shut down.

They jettisoned an unarmed Mk 4 nuclear bomb off the coast of British Columbia before the crew bailed out. George of the 7th Bomb Wing B Association has provided some information about the events surrounding the crash:

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