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5 Kenyan Celebs Who Divorced Vie Social Media

Hai pokky i admire u so much are u pals with bev after all the bad things she said about u in the house?? Honestly people in that house spoke so much nonsense about me. I am finally were i want to be Faith Magwa: Queen of swagger 4 real…luv yah… Ur bro in law is wonderful.

Our Cousin Barry, the Prezzo of the United States, remarked that his mother named his younger sister Maya in honour of the departed author. But Cousin Barry did more than just speak well of the dead, in , he hon-oured the poet with the highest civilian.

Meet the big spenders: Most of them hang out together, blocking out anyone who does not fit in or belong to the same social class regardless of tribe or religion. During the requiem service for the late Fidel Castro Odinga at the All Saints Cathedral, his younger brother, Raila Odinga Jnr told the congregation that Fidel loved his toys, which included sleek cars and licensed firearms.

With a palatial home in the leafy suburbs of Karen, Fidel had a wide range of vehicles, most of them sports utility vehicles. If one can afford such a lifestyle, the only other thing to possess would be a firearm to protect yourself and your belongings. What is interesting is the fact that these relatively young heavy spenders have formed a tightly knit network among themselves that transcends tribe and could loosely be described to hinge more on class than anything else.

To fit in, you must be from a similar social and economic stratum. But how heavily do they splurge and where do they spend the money? Lounges The answers can be found in high-end clubs in Nairobi and other major urban centres across the country. In one evening, they would spend anything between Sh60, to Sh , , depending on how many they are. According to Amor Thige, the proprietor of Ebony and Skyluxx lounges, this group does not stay in one club during a night out. Only in his early 30s, Malogo is also known to own a hangar at the Wilson airport, with several light aircrafts.

Is Huddah Monroe ‘Team Zari’ Or ‘Team Diamond’

The young energetic Kenyans have taken up the industry and even seem to be better than the West. Kenya is home to a diverse range of music styles, ranging from imported popular music, afro-fusion and Benga music to traditional folk songs. Additionally, there is a growing western classical music scene and Kenya is home to a number of music colleges and schools.

03 Mar – NTV Video: #theTrend: Is Prezzo still dating Michelle Yola? It’s complicated It’s complicated 03 Mar – NTV Video: #theTrend: Prezzo’s unanswered as he ducks Huddah .

Diamond Platnumz Hakuna ubishi kuwa, mwaka Diamond Platnumz ndiye msanii aliyeingiza fedha nyingi zaidi. Pesa nyingi ya Diamond imetokana na malipo ya show zake za ndani na nje ya nchi. Kwa uhakika, mwaka huu pekee, Diamond amefanikiwa kuingiza takriban shilingi bilioni 1. Kwa show za ndani peke yake, Diamond hutoza si chini ya shilingi milioni 10 ama 15 na kila wiki hufanya show zaidi ya 2.

Hivyo tangu mwaka uanze, Diamond amekuwa akiingiza shilingi milioni 40 kila wiki. Tour za nje alizofanya mwaka huu ni pamoja na zile za Uingereza ambako alifanya show kwenye miji mitatu, show ya Burundi na Congo, show mbili za Kenya Nairobi na Mombasa , show ya nchini Comoro ambako alilipwa si chini ya dola 30, na show ya Malaysia wiki iliyopita. Kwa upande wa show za hapa nyumbani ambazo ni nyingi mno zisizo na idadi, ukiachana na zile za kawaida, Diamond aliingiza shilingi milioni 40 kwenye show 4 za Kili Music Tour ambapo kila show alilipwa shilingi milioni Ndiye msanii aliyelipwa fedha nyingi zaidi kwenye ziara hiyo.

Mwezi February 16 mwaka huu, Diamond alifanya show jijini Arusha ambayo kiingilio chake kilikuwa ni shilingi , ndani ya Club Safari na ukumbi kufurika.


Is he contemplating suicide? Diamond Platnumz finally breaks his silence after being dumped like smelly trash Godiamo, who was known for his flashy lifestyle; traveled in private jets, owned multimillion businesses across the world, wore designer shoes, clothes and watches, took to Instagram to reveal that he was going to commit suicide moments before he took his own life by jumping off the 10th floor of a building near Brick City Centre, Miami Florida.

His note read; Tell my mother that I love her with all my heart.

Socialite Huddah Shariff denied rumours that she is dating the King of Bling, Prezzo. “My pals have been asking me if I’m dating Prezzo and I would like to clarify that we are just friends,” Huddah told Hot Secrets in phone interview.

Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also across the world. Huddah, together with Vera Sidika , contributed in incorporating the western culture into Kenyan youths. There are several things many of us do not know about this celebrity. She was born on October 10, , in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up in Huruma estate in Nairobi.

Huddah pursued her education in various institutions including the Kajiado Hills Girls Academy. Her biological father is of Somali origin while her mother is Kikuyu. Huddah lost her father when she was still young and her mother re-married soon after.

Northern Gov’s Forum is dead

Although many Kenyans would ask for the money instead, Vera seems to be happy with her expensive bed. Vera Sidika quit her education to focus on her career as a Fashionista, Model, Socialite and also an Entrepreneur She moved to Nairobi in since admission at the University which is Kenyatta University Vera Sidika is famed for posting photos of her voluptuous backside on social media.

Vera owns a beauty parlour and a detox tea brand.

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Diamond amefunguka kupitia kipindi cha Sun Rise cha Ambapo amedai kuwa wazo hilo lilitoka kwenye mitandao ya kijamii kupitia mashabiki wake walitoa mapendekezo ya zawadi atakayopewa mshindi wa shidano hilo. Amesema alichukua wazo hilo na kulipeleka kwenye menejimenti yake ambayo iliona lina maslahi kwa pande zote na kulipitisha. Tulichokiangalia sisi ni kwamba aliyekuwepo darasa fulani tutamuendeleza kutoka pale kwenda mbele, na mtu akiwa yuko katika shule ambayo sio International basi sisi tutampeleka International.

Akizungumzia suala la kuwaendeleza pia kimuziki watoto hao, Diamond amesema kuwa asingependa watoto hao waishie kidato cha nne kama alivyofikia yeye. Hata mimi wakati nasoma nilipomaliza darasa la saba mama yangu aliniambia kwamba wewe soma kwanza muziki utafanya. Lakini kwa wegine lazima uangalie njia ipi nzuri ambayo itamsaidia mtoto, yule bado mdogo, muziki unanasa na mtu unamvuta kabisa hadi anaacha shule.

Hata mimi nisiwe muongo, niliacha shule nikafanya muziki baada ya kumaliza form four. Diamond atafurahi endapo watoto hao wanaosoma kwa fedha yake watafikia hatua wawe viongozi wakubwa wa nchi na sio lazima wawe wanamuziki.

Belo Horizonte

She enjoys reading philosophical literature. She has three siblings — all brothers, and all older — and lists her late father as her role model, because he taught her the art of tolerance and hard work. Huddah Huddah, 21, is a model from Kenya. She has a Diploma in Programming. She loves Chinese food, ugali and fish. Dillish Windhoek, Namibian-born Dillish, 22, is a third year Psychology student with a fondness for seafood.

Huddah Monroe has never introduced any man to the public as her official has led to many people criticizing her for hanging on to old men,rather sponsors who finance her expensive r,grapevine from Tanzania intimates that Huddah has a Tanzanian darling who is not new to the ize,the young lad signed by Diamond’s record label,WCB is said to be Huddah.

Use your vagina to get what you want – Huddah Monroe Huddah Monroe, Kenya’s representative in the Big Brother Africa The Chase has advised persons she calls her haters and who are alleging that she is sleeping with men to make money to do same. The controversial model took to photo sharing site Instagram to vent her anger at persons, especially women, whom she said are passing judgment on her for lavish lifestyle.

According to her, she finds it difficult to come to terms with women putting her life under the radar and making wild allegations about her. If you think my vagina is giving me the life I live then why don’t u use your vagina too to get a life instead of hating? We all know that gossip! Where I come from, a rich person is never bothered by a poor person’s life!

But since you know u ain’t any better you have a small mind with a negative bank account that discuss people LOOL! We haven’t even demolished this house coz it’s a Museum, holds a lot of memories. I’m thankful some of us don’t look like where we came from and we don’t pretend to be who we are NOT!

“Prezzo broke my virginity” Huddah reveals

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Huddah Monroe is a beautiful, hardworking model and an entrepreneur,proudly Kenyan. Family background She was born on 10TH,October, in Eastleigh, Nairobi. Her real name is Alhuda Njoroge. She grew up in Huruma Estate.

Kim Kardashian begs Kanye to attend her baby shower Posted on Kanye supposedly resisted initially because he is very against her reality show and wants to keep his child off of the screen as well. Traditionally, men don’t attend baby showers it was mainly just for the women. As for the baby’s father attending the shower Kim alleged nagged him until he agreed to make an appearance at the shower to please her, but it will be brief.

He just doesn’t want to appear on the show at all, period. Kim nagged him until he agreed when she said it would look really bad if he didn’t show up. Kanye thinks it’s silly to even go to the baby shower since he will be the only man there. He will be there for less than ten minutes, tops. It was important to Kim that he go, so he agreed.

#Exclusive Part II: Nilikua sijui hii ya Huddah Monroe na Prezzo, mtoto kuishi pamoja na wakikutana.