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Share Tweet There unfortunately is not a perfect procedure for connecting your utility RV hookups. Awareness Be sure to get a spot in a campground that has the appropriate RV hookups for your type of rig and has enough room to accommodate the size. The coveted pull through sites are always a plus! Find the site hookups and see if you can keep the sewer connection as close to the RV as possible. Have a look around the site before pulling in to get a good feeling for how you want to be positioned. You RV should have the door side pointing toward the available space where you can have tables, chairs, and possibly a campfire. Watch out for overhead issues like tree limbs. Watch that satellite dish dome if you have one.

RV Fresh Water Connection

Dry Camping Electric Overview Introduction If you visit the Technical section of any RV forum on the internet you’ll soon see these questions How many solar panels do I need to charge my batteries? What size inverter do I need to run my microwave? How many batteries do we need to dry camp? After replying to several dozen of these, and similar questions, I decided to write a “how to” guide for this topic.

Boondocking is the primary use of this stealth van, yet a 15 amp RV hookup cable will be installed to connect the electrical system to the grid.

To find out how many amps your panels produce, simply look on the label or read the spec sheet. This allows for excessive power generation caused by “edge of cloud” effects. For example, you have 2 panels and they each produce 9 amps. Together that is 18 amps. You should look for a charge controller that rates at a minimum of 25 amps. Don’t worry, I had to read that a few times myself before it sank in. So now you are an expert on charge controllers Neither are we but with what we learned we decided to go with a 3 stage MPPT charge controller.

Once again, lots of research comes in handy. MorningStar brand was our first choice but they didn’t have a model with the specs we wanted.

Getting RV Solar and Shore power to coexist nicely

Installing and Wiring an Inverter in an RV Installing an inverter without a standby battery charger function can be simple, if it is acceptable to simply plug a few appliances into the inverter as needed. The inverter connects to the battery and produces AC power at its own outlet, or to an outlet added to the RV for this purpose. A more convenient and advanced installation would use the standby inverter which contains a battery charger and transfer switch.

The standby inverter is permanently wired in to the RV so that power from the inverter flows directly to most appliances, lights and outlets through the existing RV AC wiring circuits.

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These design tools require javascript to be turned on in your browser Wire size calculator Quick Start guide I’ll figure it out as I go. I want to start clicking buttons! Just give me the short explanation so I can get started. You better explain it to me fairly completely. I want to get it right. Brief Instructions for the Wire Size Calculator In order for the energy from your Solar Panels to reach your Battery Bank without serious loss of power, you will need to calculate the proper size of wires to use.

Just like water in a pipe, the smaller the pipe, the less water that can pass through it.

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Gavin Dye Today’s travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes can include everything from satellite television and central air conditioning to built-in electric fireplaces. However, these RVs have one major disadvantage; they require large amounts of electrical power to operate. RV Solar Panels can help you produce some of this electrical power, for free.

The solar panels take the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity for you to use regardless of where you are. Your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel can be limited by its onboard battery capacity which will quickly be run down when powering these larger loads. These large RVs require a generator to power their major appliances and air conditioning loads when not plugged in at an RV park.

Roger and Lynn add a watt solar system for their Roadtrek Class B RV. Roger and Lynn add a watt solar system for their Roadtrek Class B RV shore power hookup and generator) to evaluate the benefits of solar for our situation. We installed a watt solar panel last year because we prefer to dry camp almost exclusively and use.

Watch all my videos on YouTube! Boondocking is the primary use of this stealth van , yet a 15 amp RV hookup cable will be installed to connect the electrical system to the grid, when hookups are available. Commercial campgrounds have never been my favorite places to stay, as I prefer the immersion that only nature can provide.

But sometimes, when your black water tank fills up, fresh water is needed or your batteries run low, a campground visit may be required. Some form of access to the electrical system of the RV is necessary. One of the objectives of this van is its stealthy design. Any outward sign that identifies the van as an RV, should be avoided. The power cord enters the vehicle through an existing hole at the bottom of the B-pillar and will be connected to the 12V RV setup at the Murphy bed location.

The keep the exposed part of the cable out-of-view and securely attached to the underside of the frame, I use a female 15 Amp connector, permanently attached to the underside of the frame. The switch selects the incoming power source: Shore power or power from the CCP. The latter can supply up to Amps 12V while driving; a separate W inverter connected to the CCP could fully charge a sizable Lithium battery bank within a couple of hours of driving.

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Solar Power For Your RV

We held off on solar the first few months of travel waiting for the brand new solar Flex Panels to be launched; it was worth the wait. We ordered watts of solar power for our roof, and honestly we could fit another watts if we wanted to. Unfortunately Fleetwood has seen some of my How Not to Install videos so they requested we have a dealer do the install, so someone other than me would be liable for damages.

Depending on how this works I will most likely upgrade to some better solar panels, increase the solar panel array size, and get some more batteries. If anything is unclear please post comments/questions and I will be more than happy to update.

Click the button to see our most recent upgrades: Then we were introduced to the watt Portable Solar Kit. Needless to say we were sold on the upgrade. After leaving the show we did a little research on the company and found they offer a host of other solar powered products. The item that really caught our eye is the watt continuous pure sine wave inverter.

Solar Extreme Kit and comes with: This has us realizing we have more than enough solar coming in, just not enough batteries to fill with that power. A pure sine inverter operates just like household power. Basically if you can run it inside your house it will work in your RV. When we hit the water the last thing we want to deal with is learning more equipment than we need to. Compared to our last solar setup installed at the factory this kit is way cheaper per watt. Did you upgrade the batteries?

If you have any info to share about batteries flooded vs.

Solar Panel Wiring

Everything you wanted to know about RV electrical systems but were afraid to ask… OK, you all asked for it. The more I write about RV electrical systems, the more questions you have. Please send your questions and comments to mike at noshockzone.

Deciding between a Residential Refrigerator or an RV “2-Way or 3-Way” Fridge in a motorhome is a no brainer at first glance. But if you plan on doing any off the grid boondocking, .

Share Tweet While some full-timers head southwest to spend their winter in places like Arizona and South Texas, others are flocking to the white sandy beaches of Florida where they can relax under palm trees and take in views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, if you feel like spending more on a luxurious RV park there are lots of highly rated resorts to choose from, too.

These eight RV parks and campgrounds are some of the most popular options. Camp Gulf, Destin Photo: This RV park offers beachfront and shaded sites, luxury cabins, and a beach house that can accommodate up to fifteen people. The sites are not cheap but you get what you pay for in both views and amenities. Their Beachfront Sites are big rig friendly and have water and electric hookups only. Further back, the Beach Sites have full hookups, stamped concrete patios, and picnic tables, and their Shaded Upper RV Sites are close to their pools and laundry facilities.

These sites are only a five-minute walk to the beach, but golf cart and beach cart rentals are available to make the trip fast and easy.

RV Solar Panel Installation Guide

Sample Solar and Electrical Systems I’m assuming that you have a basic understanding of both volt and volt power. There are many excellent tutorials and books on both subjects. I won’t repeat the information here, but leave it to you to explore on your own if you don’t understand the basics. For an understanding of various RV and house connectors, and proper wiring, check out http:

Looking for bulkhead connector for solar hookup into trailer tongue box , PM I have a teardrop trailer with the electrical system mounted in the tongue box.

The camper is an older model, but it has served us well. After building the solar generator, I have found that I am always wanting to bring it with us when we travel as we typically boon-dock without hookups. I have decided I would like to add a dedicated solar power system to the camper. I used the watt Renogy kit when I built the solar generator project , and I was happy with both the quality and the cost.

In fact, it is the exact same unit which I removed from the solar generator. The reason being is that it seems they are no longer selling the 2, watt version. I want to purchase the 3, watt version to replace into the solar generator as an update, so the older 2, model needs a new home anyway. The wiring and installation process is the same for either model. Below is a list of components used in this post and their current Amazon prices. If you are using an Ad Blocker, the list may not show Determining Placement of Components This is probably the most difficult part of the entire installation.

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