We Got Married (Khuntoria) (Season 2)

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Nichkhun victoria really dating

Nichkhun is sent to the 63 Building to meet his new wife. Preview Clip -starting at 0: They celebrate by going for go-kart race. They ate ddukboki as well, which was too hot for them. Luna, Sulli, Krystal Official Video:

Crystal Jun 07 am Is it supposed to be sequenced?? Why is that Dream High 2 is so far from the first one? You’re making the fans of Dream High confused. It’s like the writers erased the characters from the first one and made it unknown.

Hahaha, did my title get your attention? Were you wondering the same like i do? Well, some people cant accept it, while on the other hand, many were hoping for it to be real. Whether Taeny is really dating one another or not, that wasnt the point. You cant deny, just the way they have each other, it’s more than amazing: The fact, that no one can ever deny, unless, they would like to lies to themselves about it.

Remember how on Dangerous Boys, i forget that guy’s name, he accidentally threw some shredded newspaper that hits Tiffany on the head, Taeyeon was definitely looking at Tiffany, they exchanges glances, Taeyeon just smile sheepishly and threw some newspaper back at that guy. Okay, you can say that’s what best friends do for one another. The fact that your eyes wont deny those fancams uploaded on Youtube, that whenever they looks at one another, Taeyeon or Tiffany could be found, looking away, smiling shyly.

Talking about eyes contact, what i loved most was Taeyeon’s.

What are some of your Kpop theories : kpop

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Is Nichkhun from 2pm actually married

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August 28, Anonymous asked: Victoria’s reaction to Nichkhun’s DUI accident. And really, who would be able to sleep after hearing such news? F x had just finished eating their dinner in the dorm and everyone was doing their own thing. She and Luna were cleaning up the plates they used for dinner, Amber was on the internet, as usual, and the two magnae were trying to find a decent show to watch on the television. They were all quietly enjoying their own activities when the sudden yell coming from Amber made the other 4 jump in surprise.

Krystal quickly jumped from the couch and sat next to her trying to see what the older girl was looking at. Soon Luna and Sulli joined the two as well while Victoria took her time drying her hands before going towards the other girls. She knew that her members were waiting for her reaction to the news but she had to finish reading the article first. She had to know whether he was alright or not. She felt slightly relieved after reading that he was fine.

However, the other things she read made her feel uneasy. Add the fact that her members are still staring at her, waiting for her response. Not really in the mood to talk about the news, she stretched her arms up and pretended to be tired.


Victoria is sixth in the line of succession to the throne to succeed her grandfather, King Charles. She is the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Clarence, who were married ten months before her birth. She was named Victoria after the second longest reigning monarch of Britain, Diana after her late paternal grandmother and Alexandra after the late Queen Elizabeth II, whose middle name was Alexandra.

The casts really did follow what’s on their hearts and decided to act accordingly. I’m also happy that they edited this in a very nice way unlike with Season 1 which used a lot of repeating scenes to make it reach 8 episodes. I really believe 6 episodes is perfect for a 4 day dating show. All I can say is, this season is way different than the first! This felt more real too because the reactions and decisions doesn’t seem scripted. Even the “final decision” is a surprise because of the ending for all the couples.

I am gonna warn you guys, again, if you haven’t seen this Season yet, please feel free to watch it first then come back to see my review as this will contain spoilers for the show. A Kevin is the only one who I think didn’t get to shine in this show.

Stop Telling Me Lies 14

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The kids is away, and they left note that they went to the mall. As she leans her self to his chest, tears starts to roll down on her cheeks. What will they do if they know about this? He still froze on his seat, it makes Vic think something is happening. Yet Khun still not moving. I can feel it. Is it about us?. And if we still keep this secret from everyone, for how long? Especially Luna, she seems noticing this problem now.

I clean the cups on the living room table and washing it when the kids arrive and start making noises. Where did you go? Luna and Sulli puts the shopping bag on the floor and start sorting which one is whose.

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Their agencies have finally admitted they relationship is very much true. I was literally happy dancing the day the news broke out. It was all over Kpop fansites, new sites, forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They are both extremely sweet, friendly and down-to-earth people. They both had their share of hardships living in South Korea and also reached great heights of success. Obviously, being from the States they had a lot more in common than one can think of.

As it turns out, he had the last laugh. S can be described in one word: But the guy is 31 years old so you can draw your own conclusions. But he has two other siblings so bear in mind how the inheritance will be divided. Finally I saw this picture: Just to clear up the rumours though, his family does not own a helicopter. Photos of the ex-couple: I have the feeling that this company is going to be BIG in the future; as the Korean government made it mandatory for businesses to submit their tax returns electronically in Sungmin likes girls who are shorter than him hahaha, is this measured with or without his shoe lifts?

[Fancam] 2PM’s Nichkhun & f(x)’s Victoria – Global/Foreign Couple @ WGM – 1st Dating Shooting 100601